Stormwater Tech ICDs


Plas-Tech Fabrications’ product line, Stormwater Tech, offers a complete set of patented storm water management solutions that act as Inlet Control Devices (ICDs) specifically designed to address Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) and Sanitary Sewer Overflow (SSO) without any need for construction or significant ongoing maintenance.

Stormwater Tech ICDs operate by:

  • Immediately and automatically restricting flow into downstream sewers from catch basins and man-holes during major rainfall events.
  • Allowing temporary build-up of water in basins and man-holes, thereby using existing infrastructure.
  • Preventing blockages due to debris loosened by flooding and urban runoff.
  • Continuing to relieve upstream systems gradually until downstream capacity is later available.
  • Automatically returning the system to the initial state once downstream capacity is normalized.


We supply high-quality Inlet Control Devices for storm-water and waste-water overflow.

  • All interchangeable products
  • Snaps into place from street level
  • Tough, light weight, corrosion-proof
  • No moving parts & minimal maintenance
  • Delivered ready-to-install