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For a rough overview of how to select the ICD needed for a specific catch basin, refer to the selection table below:


 ICD Selection Matrix



1. If necessary, cut protruding out-flowing pipe back flush to Catch Basin wall.
2. Use Mounting Plate as template to mark four hole pattern on Catch Basin wall.
3. Install four Stainless Steel Wedge Bolts (provided) perpendicular to Mounting Plate.
4. Install Mounting Plate and hand secure with four washers and nuts (provided).
5. Torque nuts to 40 N-m or 30 ft-lbs. Do not over-tighten.
6. Snap Trap unit into place by pushing Handle Plate into dove-tail slot of Mounting Plate.
7. Record Unit Identifier along with Catch Basin Location according to municipal requirements.


Minimal maintenance is required and this can be covered by removal using hook from street level and visual inspection with same frequency as municipal schedule for catch basin inspection / vacuum truck cleaning. Since this unit forms a water trap periodic vacuum truck cleaning for debris and grease removal should be performed, especially after major rainfalls.